Mt. Batulao + Mt. Talamitam

Hike across numerous peaks of Mt. Batulao’s trail. Reward yourself with fresh buko and halo halo during or after the hike.
Enjoy a worthwhile dayhike at Mt. Talamitam, a few minutes ride from Mt. Batulao’s jump off point.




3:00 AM:  Registration, Mcdonalds, Aseana City

4:00 AM:  ETD to Nasugbo Batangas

6:00 AM:  ETA: Jump off, Registration, Warm up, Pray

6:30 AM:  Start Trek

9:30AM: Summit

10:00AM: Start Descent

12:00PM: ETA: Jump off – Lunch

1:00PM:  ETD – Mt. Talamitam

1:30PM:  ETA: Mt. Talamitam Jump off Hire Guide. Start Trek

4:30 PM: ETA: Mt. Talamitam Summit

5:00 PM:  ETA: Jump off/ Wash up

6:00PM:  ETD


Registration Fee: 1550 PHP

  • Private Transportation
  • Registrations (DENR FEES)
  • Food (Snack and Lunch)
  • Fresh Buko
  • S/BMC
  • Arcobaleno Guide
  • Event Coordinator
  • Certificate of Survival
  • Arcobaleno Ziplock: Arcobaleno I.D and Trail Food

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