Mt. Tibig

Standing at 563+ MASL Get to experience the new hiking destination in Lobo Batangas, Mt. Tibig. Indeed this mountain will give you a good experience specially for the beginners.


May 7, 2017
July 9, 2017
November 30, 2017


3:00 AM: 

Registration, Mcdonalds People Support Makati

3:30 AM: ETD

5:30 AM: Lobo Batangas  -  Register at Baranggay hire guide

6:30 AM: Start Trek.

8:30AM: Nipa Hut

11:00AM: ETA Summit. Lunch

12:00PM: Start descent.

1:30PM:  Wash Up

3:30PM: ETD to Manila

7:00pm: ETA to Manila


Registration Fee: 1750 PHP, Inclusive of:

  • Private Transportation
  • Registrations (DENR FEES)
  • Local Guide
  • Baranggay Fee
  • Arcobaleno Team
  • Trail Food
  • Food (Lunch)

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