Mt. Pico de Loro

Enjoy nature near the metro. Pico de Loro is a recommended mountain for climbers who like side trips. Walk on paths with fallen trunks and luscious greenery. You could also go on a side trip to enjoy a wonderful view of the waterfalls. (DEPENDS ON THE WEATHER)
Another side trip that you can try is a thrilling climb and rapel on the Parrot’s beak. More than one activity in just one place!





3:00 AM:  Registration, Mcdonalds Macapagal (Aseana City)
3:30AM:   Time of Departure
5:00 AM:  
ETA: Jump off (DENR)

5:30 AM:  Start trek

10:00 AM: Camp Site (Early Lunch)

10:30AM: Summit

12:45AM: Start Ascend to Pico de Loro’s (Optional)

1:30PM:   Start Descend

4:00PM:   DENR (Wash Up)


Registration Fee: 1250 PHP

  • Private Transportation
  • Registrations (DENR FEES, Baranggay fee)
  • Arcobaleno Guide
  • Event Coordinator
  • Climb certificate
  • Arcobaleno Ziplock: Arcobaleno I.D and Trail Food, Sticker


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