Bulusan Adventure

If you want to put your quest for adventure to the next level, our Bulusan Adventure is the right one for you! It is indeed one of our top recommendations. Experience volcano adventure and a lot of surprising side trips!


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3:00 PM:  Registration at RSL , Cubao

5:00 PM:  ETD to Irocin Sorsogon



9:00 AM:  ETA – Bayan of Irocin – Breakfast buy Lunch

9:30 AM:  ETA -  Bulusan Lake – Jump off  – Orientation, Chek up

10:30AM: Enjoy the Lake – Choose of any (Kayakk/Boat/Bike Boat)

1:00 PM:  Start of Trek, Warm Up/ Start Trek

2:30 PM:  Tree Planting

3:30 PM:  Ranger Station

4:30 PM:  Aguingay Lake, Set Camp

6:30 PM:  Dinner


Day 2

2:30AM:  Wake Up

3:00AM:  Breakfast

3:30AM:  Start Trek

5:30AM:  Crater

6:00AM:  Summit of the Crater, wait for the clearing of crater

8:00AM:   Start Descend

10:00AM: ETA: Lake Aguinggay

11:00AM: Lunch

12:00PM: Start Descend

4:00 PM:   ETA: Bulusan Lake

5:00 PM:   Kayakk/Boat/Bike Boat (While waiting for others)

6:00 PM:  ETD: Dalanacan Beach

7:00 PM:  Dalanacan Beach: Set  Camp

8:00 PM:  Dinner


Day 2

5:30AM:  Wake Up: Beach Swimming

6:00AM:  Breakfast , Swimming, Picture Taking

7:00AM:  ETD – Bayugin Waterfalls

8:00AM:  ETA – Bayugin Waterfalls Jump off

8:30AM:  Start Trek to Bayugin Waterfalls

9:30AM:  ETA – Bayugin Waterfalls, Enjoy  the waterfalls, – Eat Lunch

11:00AM: ETD – Buko Station, Drink and Eat Buko

11:30AM: ETA: Jump off of Bayugin Waterfalls; Buy Pasalubong

12:00PM: ETD – Irosin Hilltop Church

12:30PM: ETA: Irosin Hot Spring – Wash up

3:00 PM:  ETD to RSL Liner

3:30 PM:  ETA – RSL Liner

4:00 PM:  ETD – Manila



6:00 AM/7:00am: ETA – Manila


Registration Fee: 5,500 PHP, Inclusive of:

  • Air – Con Bus (Roundtrip Manila – Irocin, Sorsogon and Insurance C/O Malayan Insurance),
  • Monster Jeep (Roundtrip Irocin – Bulusan),
  • DENR Registrations, Barangay Permit, Mayor’s Permit
  • Food(All camp meals)
  • Arcobaleno Guides
  • Local Guides
  • Tree Planting
  • Use of Kayak/Boat/Bike Boat
  • Event BIB
  • First Aid Kit
  • Event Coordinator
  • 2 Climb Certificates.
  • Arcobaleno Ziplock: Arcobaleno I.D  and Trail Food
  • Beach Fee

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